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Exchange Club of Mooresville - Lake Norman

Annually July 2nd - 5th with Concert and Fireworks held each July 3rd

at the Lowe's YMCA.

The American flag has represented freedom and justice for 246 years. It displays the power and glory of our great nation.  The red symbolizes hardiness and valor. The white symbolizes innocence. The blue symbolizes vigilance and perseverance.  Together it represents the love and pride of our country.

In 2005, Exchange Club of Mooresville - Lake Norman placed 450 flags on the football field of Mooresville High School.  Each year the event, held annually in July, grows exponentially.  In 2020, we placed 600 American-made Flags, and adjusted to the limitation of COVID restrictions.  In 2021, 650 American-made flags, and each branch of the military and first responder flags adorned the field.  We celebrated with a concert by Country star, Rockie Lynn and impressive fireworks show!  In 2022 and 2023, over 800 American-made flags graced the field and we celebrated with a concert and fireworks display.  Let's make 2024 the most impactful year ever!

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