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Exchange Club of Mooresville - Lake Norman

Annually in May

Inaugurated in 2023, the Memorial Ruck March, held on Memorial Day, is more of a ceremony then a 5K event.  We come together and "Ruck" march, run and walk in honor of America’s fallen soldiers.

Formally known as a loaded march, a Ruck March can be very beneficial to bringing a group together in both a physically and mentally healthy way. The U.S. Army uses a ruck march as a core military skill; challenging recruits to not only finish 12 miles in three (3) hours but to do it with a weighted pack and rifle on their back. Although there is some variation in the weight that is carried, it is typical for rucksacks to be at least 35 pounds and can be as much as 70 pounds.  Participants of all ages are welcome to walk, run or ruck at the Memorial Ruck March. Although not required, everyone is encouraged to wear some kind of pack (rucksack, hiking pack, backpack, etc), loaded to your capabilities.

The Exchange Club of Mooresville/Lake Norman donates the proceeds raised to award two scholarships for local individuals selected by Folds of Honor. Folds of Honor provides children and/or spouses of fallen or disabled US service members.

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