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Exchange Club of Mooresville - Lake Norman

Annually in April

The Exchange National Project is the Prevention of Child Abuse. In 1983, Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA America) along with other child welfare organizations recognized April as National Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Month. It is an opportunity to increase awareness and ignite collective action, to ensure America’s children live their best lives. During the month of April, you will notice several flag displays around the Lake Norman area. 

In Moore Park, in Downtown Mooresville, there are a certain number of white and blue flags. This number changes every year, as each flag represents the life of child who was killed at the hands of the caregiver the previous year.  Pinwheels are displayed along with the CAP flags as they are a symbol for child abuse prevention.  Pinwheels are symbolic of whimsicality and enjoyment found in childhood.  They represent the wonderful childhoods each child deserves.  The Exchange Club of Mooresville - Lake Norman places banners, CAP flags and pinwheels at the Lowe’s YMCA and Statesville YMCA with CAP flags and pinwheels.

North Carolina Stats:  

18 deaths in 2019 

28 deaths in 2020

17 deaths in 2021

(None reported in Iredell County) 

The Mooresville - Lake Norman Exchange club partnered with Pharos Parenting of Iredell County several years ago to expand the crucial mission of preventing child abuse.  This amazing organization offers a multitude of programs and services to build positive parenting skills through targeted education, in-home coaching, and supportive intervention programs so that every child may experience a safe and stable home environment and be offered an opportunity for a bright future.  Pharos Parenting is the ONLY child abuse prevention and resource center for families and parents in Iredell County. If you feel that this support is needed for your family, you can contact them via their website, by phone at 704-878-2227, or visit them in person at their Statesville location.

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